nOVITA' 2021

In Gardone Riviera, in front of the Vittoriale degli Italiani di D'Annunzio, you can find gift ideas, cosmetic products for men, women, children and 4-legged friends

Discover our cosmetics line "Gabriele" inspired by the figure of Vate G. D'Annunzio

and the lines Miraur, RNC (Rubinia Natural Cosmetic), Accentra and many others

many gift ideas as perfumers for the home, objects and all the creations of Sphera tailoring (circular economy) with many ideas such as cosmetic bag, brush holder, makeup bag and many ideas that are born from the fantasy of the two designers Catia and Siviliana

come and visit us for your memories and purchases

our cosmetic lines

"Gabriele" il Vate

Special line of cosmetic products inspired by the figure of G.D'Annunzio by Gardasol in collaboration with RNC
A high quality cosmetic line all made in Italy to bring home a different memory of the lake that will remain in your heart.... and in the mind with the scents and fragrances that will remind you of your holiday on Lake Garda

Miraur Dermocosmetic

Miraur is a leading Spanish line of cosmetics related to marine biotechnology and dead sea components, trace elements, mud salts and water.
A complete face and body line, which will amaze you for the quality the texture the freshness of the products and the results that you will get

Rubina Natural Cosmetics

RNC Rubinia Natural Cosmetics is the leader of Made in Italy cosmetics, a group that always offers news and endless product lines to satisfy everyone, always based on the quality of cosmetics and creativity of its creator Raffaella


Accentra is European leader in body cosmetics for regaling and small thoughts.
at our Body Shop you will find many lines for your gifts, many ideas for different gifts, shower gel, body butter, body creeam lines for hands and feet ...come and discover them all... at unbeatable prices!!!

Gift Ideas

you will find many gift ideas and objects such as incense, room perfumers, small frames or small furnishing accessories, to customize your gift box or your cosmetics-gift with an object always appreciated by those who receive it

SpheraC (Economia Circolare)

Catia and Siviliana, the stylists of this new and innovative brand, always have their hands and imagination in ferment and make you find at the Garda Sol Body & Beauty shop many ideas and news for your gifts or purchases. Unique pieces related to the circular economy, that these two designers-creative give birth (re)giving life to numerous creations such as bags, cosmetic bag, cosmetic bag or containers for bathroom and much more