Welcome to GardaSol apart-hotel & SPA
The hotel reopens on June 26, 2020

Hotel & appartaments

Family hotel located on the Gulf of Maderno, one of the most striking and characteristic corners of Lake Garda.

It is a structure that has different types of rooms, from suites with hot tub or private infrared sauna to family accommodations that can accommodate multiple people at the same time, to apartments studio or two-bedroom apartments.

A complete spa will be able to relax and pamper you at its best, with its areas specially designed for complete relaxation and its aesthetic treatments and massages.

In the roof-top a breathtaking panorama will make you enjoy a moment of pure pleasure by the pool.

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Received the dpcm and above all the regional ordinance n.563 of 05/06/2020, customers are informed that to safeguard the health of all guests and to respect the hotel in addition to the basic provisions, use of masks, gels disinfectant and request to wash your hands often, to ensure proper use of the facilities in the hotel and allow for social distancing, I will implement these provisions:

a) access to the wellness area of the spa center (Turkish bath sauna, bio sauna whirlpool)

"Inhibit access to highly hot and humid environments (eg Turkish bath) and sauna. Access to these facilities may only be allowed if they are included as an exclusive service for guest rooms."

the wellness area will be accessible in private mode by the single couple / family at the times agreed with the spa center. Daily free access is NO longer active. (for saunas and whirlpools in the room there are no limitations)

b) access to the swimming pool and the hot tub of the roo-top

"The crowding density in the pool / pool is calculated with an index of 7 m2 of water surface per person for swimming pools where the size and rules of the facility allow swimming activities; if swimming activities are not allowed, it is sufficient to calculate an index of 4 square meters of water per person. The manager is therefore required, based on the areas available, to calculate and manage the attendance of visitors to the system. "

our swimming pool is not an olympic size swimming pool, therefore an index 1 will be calculated every 4mq.

about 7/8 people will be able to access the tub at the same time.

for pools of smaller sizes that cannot guarantee distances: "must be used by a single bather, except for members of the same family, for cohabitants, for people who occupy the same room or who, according to the provisions in force are not subject to interpersonal distancing ". therefore, single or more people can access the whirlpool tub only if they belong to the same family and / or occupy the same room.

c) umbrellas and sun beds

"The greatest possible spacing between possible umbrellas for the solarium and dedicated expanses must be pursued and, in any case, in compliance with the minimum distance limit between umbrellas in the same row and between rows that guarantees a minimum umbrella surface of 10 m2 per stake. "

Given these restrictions, we cannot guarantee umbrellas and deck chairs for all customers. The Wellness Suites and Gardasol Suites will have assigned and guaranteed sun beds and umbrellas. For the other accommodations we will evaluate based on reservations and daily availability. (the service will always be free)

remember that umbrellas and deckchairs already assigned to other rooms, even if free, cannot be used.